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Yamaha Valve Sets

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Stainless Steel Valves
Stainless Steel ValvesStainless Steel Valves

Yamaha Valve Sets

Product ID: FMX-422-4220


Black Nitrided hardening treatment decreases valve wear and improves performance.

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Product Description

Faction mx stainless steel valves have become the alternative for racers and performance engine builders seeking longevity over oem valves. Our valves provide maximum performance and longevity to our customers at the best value for their dollar.

Black nitrided hardening treatment decreases valve wear and improves performance. The nitrided layer adheres to the base material at a microscopic level and the micro hardness is higher than the stainless steel base material, keeping good ductility beneath the hard nitrided layer.

Other features include

  • Centerless ground stem
  • Surface finish is smoother than chromed stems–that means less friction between stem and guide
  • Matches any seat (nodular iron, steel powder metal, hard aluminum-copper, or beryllium copper )
  • All valves are swirl polished, undercut stem and have a laser etched model number

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